After building several businesses and did several network marketing projects we came up with a concept that we didn’t see anyone else do so far!

We wanted to build a community of serious hardworking and forward-moving young business-minded people!

A community where we all can benefit from each other’s effort. So we created a system where we get people to join and to become a part of marketing our brands and services.

So all can earn based on their own and their team’s effort!  This is not a new concept but that is just one part!

With a huge community, we can build our own brands and partner with other people with great ideas that need to be put to market.

Imagine a young guy who has a great idea for service or a product in for example Kenya.  If we like the idea and let’s say we have 100 000 members in Kenya.

We can become a partner with him and the service/product will be known to all our 100 000 members there and to all their friends for almost no cost or effort!

This because we have a team of marketers and we all benefit from this service!  So we can build a brand very fast!

We will have the team, the resources, and the focus to build all very fast!  We want to earn the reputation of where people turn to with their ideas!

And where we treat them with respect and an open mind! There are so many smart and good people with big challenges to get their idea out!

And as the world will look in the future there will be a lot harder to get into new businesses without the right connections!


To be a company where we all are on the same level no matter rank in the system!

We want to be close to our team and not someone that nobody knows who is.

And we want to teach all that their smartphones are so much more than just a place to check their Facebook for hours per day!

Its called a Smartphone because it’s a smart way to do all your daily things and for business, it’s very good!

We want to teach all no matter what background they might have!

We believe that all have a big potential to bloom as a person if they feel they have someone that believes in them.

So if you are ready to take on a bold mission to build one million business-minded people you will be most welcome!


To help people out in either business joining us in building a huge community or join and help people with their ideas to market!

We have access to all the right people in almost all the fields of business!

This together with a huge team of marketers or what we like to call our dear members Brand ambassadors!

Sounds nice and exclusive and it is!

We truly believe that marketing from friends and family is much stronger than seeing it on Facebook, newspaper, radio, or on tv.

That’s why our team will be a great value to our brands and the people we partner with!

And we have a lot of new products, businesses and services in the pipeline!

This we will share as soon as they are ready! Now we are focusing on building our community!


Nutrifjord health supplements 100 % from Norway. When quality matter! We have several products and are always developing! We take pride in bringing you a little piece of Norway!

Kanastia perfume made with the most exclusive and high quality fragrance from France. The same factory are producing fragrance for the biggest brands in the world!


Roger Skoglund

CEO and Founder

Phakkawan Simma

Co-Founder and Head of Asia market


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