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Welcome to BrandSr

We are a networking company with the head office in Bangkok, Thailand. The reason why we chose to start in Bangkok is that we see it as the center of all business in South East Asia and has a easy access to the African continent.

And we are pre launching our network in Kampala, Uganda, Nairobi, Kenya and Kherson, Ukraine in the beginning of December 2019.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a strong and active network that will benefit on our companies and community members activities. After studying the African and Asian market we find many interesting business we can start or help others to start. If we have a big community we have a lot of fantastic resources for our businesses or startups. Our aim is to build a community of 1 million active business minded people. Yes a bold vision but we are not doing business with a small vision. Our motto is "If your dreams and aims not scares you, They are just too small!!" We are looking for people who are on the move full speed forward in life and have big dreams! Let's change life together!

Our Mission

As serial entrepreneur and years of networking we feel we know much about what is easy and what is hard in the field of business and networking. We have succeeded and failed BIG TIME! So we will do our best to guide you not to do the same when it comes to mistakes! We know its so much smart and business minded people who are not fortunate enough to know someone who can evaluate, give advice, give support and help them on their way to doing their business. We believe with a strong network we can easily find serious people who might be interested to join the businesses we will start or will be presented too. We have developed a system on block chain where we easily can get people to work together or be business partners no matter what country they might be living in. Blockchain is the future and we are developing our system towards being updated with the newest trends and solutions.






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