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Live Soon

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Welcome to the Brandsr community

Brandsr aims to build a huge community of business minded people around the world! To build leaders who again build leaders! We believe in the power of a united community where all benefit from each other’s efforts!

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As a team of serial entrepreneurs who have done years of networking and business, we feel we know much about what is easy and what is hard in the
field of business and networking. We have succeeded and failed BIG TIME! So we will do our best to guide you not to
do the same when it comes to mistakes! We know it’s so much smart and business-minded people who are not
fortunate enough to know someone who can evaluate, give advice, give support and help them on their way to do
their own business using our platform! With our business model, all you need is a smartphone or a laptop and the rest is up to your own efforts! There is no limit to working within our system! So our mission is to give those who really want it a chance to start and succeed in business!


Our vision is to build a strong and active network of business-minded people that will benefit our companies and community members’ activities.
After studying the African and Asian markets we found many interesting businesses we can start or help others to start.
If we have a big community, we have a lot of fantastic resources for our businesses or startups. We aim to build a
community of 1 million active business-minded people. Yes, a bold vision but we are not doing business with a small
vision. Our motto is “if your dreams and aims do not scare you, they are just too small!” We are looking for people who
are on the move full speed forward in life and have big dreams! Let’s change lives together!


We will always strive to develop and improve our businesses so that as many as possible can benefit from joining And to always see the opportunities in the different markets we will tap into! The main thing in business is to focus on what is the competitor’s weaknesses and be better than them where they are weak. And to always have good customer service, always have products with a good story, quality, price, and a great work ethic! And to find talents in the talents! And never promise more than we can keep! This must be from us as a company and from the community member! And always make sure we build leadership in the community! Great leaders should build new leaders! And when you succeed, pull one with you up!


When joined forces start moving together results will be incredible!

No matter where you are from, gender, age, or education, there will always be a place for you in our community of business minded people so you are welcome to join us today totally free!

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Brandsr believes in giving back to those who were not fortunate enough to be born in the right place or in the best environment! So 1/2 percent of all turnover on the platform will go automatically to one account that will be used for charity! We want our members to join in our voting on where to use it! But the main thing is that it will be used on children! Children are our future and with education, a big step is taken on the journey called life!
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It’s a new workout trend from Sweden that combines jogging and the Swedish term “plocka upp”, meaning pick-up. Running or walking is beneficial for your health while picking
up litter is good for the environment. But why not combine these two?

We hope our members in the Brandsr community will also join and bring on their teams to this fantastic movement.

If you want to start feel free to contact us at ploggers@brandsr.io We will be very happy to hear from you!



Kcal burned


Bags collected


People joined



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Brandsr Magazine is an online magazine that has 10 issues a year. We are focusing on business, entrepreneurs, start-ups, lifestyle, health, and travel. We want to write about “normal” people and how they succeeded. There are enough magazines that focus on the big shots so we want to fill the void in the market! If you want to get your magazine straight to your mail each time we launch a new please send us an email to subscribe@brandsr.io

Our Brandsr Event In Dubai Spring 2023!

We are happy to announce that we will have a event for our member, leaders and management in Dubai next spring! So we hope as many as possible of you will use this opportunity to meet many team members at our event and also learn from the best in our team! They will teach strategies and different ways to reach to the top! Exact date and venue will be announced later! So hope to see you all in Dubai!

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Our Brands

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25438596_640504143005627_7915393317643041988_o (1)

Nutrifjord Health Supplements

Nutrifjotd is developed and owned by Brandsr LCC. Nutrifjord is made in Norway and is shipped to the countries we operate in. Due to covid, we put all on hold because of transport and raw material supply. But now things are opening up and soon we are ready to ship again. We have companies and licenses in the following countries. Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Uganda. Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Indonesia are in the pipeline.
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TukThai Restaurants

We started 2 restaurants and tested our menu and concept in Thailand and saw that it was a concept that was working. Our menu is authentic Thai food and Norwegian food. Now we have started a new restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia and after 2 only two months of operating we see that people love our food and concept. We want to have small restaurants with good possibilities for deliveries and takeaway. And that we can have dined in. But we want small, not expensive locations. And now we are tokenizing this concept and are looking for partners and new locations in Georgia and in other countries. If you are interested feel free to contact us. All partners and staff must be trained in our location in Tbilisi so we are sure we bring out the same concept to the world!
Nino Kankava-8390 cover
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Here Is Our Roadmap!

Even though Brandsr started back in 2019 and was making all things ready with our system and our products, that pandemic hit the world and we decided to set the launch on hold until we saw that things got back to normal. Little did we know that this would take 2 years and still it’s not back to normal. But we have decided it’s time to start and we have changed some of our strategies as we saw a big void in the market that we are now tapping into. This market exists and has proven to be very successful but we have found a way to make it all work a lot faster and smoother than what we have seen so far in the market! Exactly how all will work we will not disclose before the app is ready and launched! But we feel very comfortable that this will succeed and that people will like it!

22 April 2022

On 22 April we start to sell our Brandsr token BRP. There is only a limited supply of 1 000 tokens. 500 will be offered for sale and the rest will be kept for future growth. For more info contact us!

15 May 2022

On 15 May 2022, our system opens for registration and for all to bring in their teams. We will open for Durban – South Africa, Nairobi – Kenya, Kampala – Uganda, Vilnius – Lithuania, and Tbilisi – Georgia.

15 June 2022

On 15 June 2022, our pool will open for those who hold our Brandsr token BRP. 5 % of all turnover from the sales on the platform.

1 July 2022

On 1 July 2022 we are launching our cashback app in the cities we are started in. And we and our community members will get in as many merchants to our app as possible!

1 September 2022

On 1 September 2022, we are opening Istanbul – Tukey. Manila – Philippines. Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, and Kigali – Rwanda.

1 December 2022

On 1 December 2022 we are opening Lagos – Nigeria. Windhoek – Namiba. Kinshasa – DRC Congo.

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Our Expert Team

Appropriately procrastinate market-driven networks whereas progressive architectures. whiteboard orthogonal potentialities vis-a-vis team driven vortals


Victor Lawrence

General Manager

Sylvia Vargas

Bitcoin Researcher

Bitcoin Expert

General Manager

Chgristian Elliott

Bitcoin Mining Expert

We are always welcoming new talents!

We will always strive to develop and improve our businesses so that as many as possible can benefit from joining And to always see the opportunities in the different markets we will tap into! The main thing in business is to focus on what is the competitor’s weaknesses and be better than them where they are weak. And to always have good customer service, always have products with a good story, quality, price, and a great work ethic! And to find talents in the talents! And never promise more than we can keep! This must be from us as a company and from the community member! And always make sure we build leadership in the community! Great leaders should build new leaders! And when you succeed, pull one with you up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will always receive 2 % Cashback instant to your wallet when you shop at our member merchants. And you will always have better price in our Brandsr shop when we launch and receive special deals!

You will be able to bring in as many people as you possibly can to your team and you will earn from their efforts. So all who hold a 10 USD Education pack are eligible for rewards from all purchases and all cashback made by their team members. So needless to say the bigger team you bring in the bigger chance to earn in the future. So bring in as many free or paid members as you possibly can and teach your team to do the same so you have a huge team that keeps on growing!

All who hold a pack that will allow you to bring merchants you can start adding merchants as soon as we launch the Cashback app! The smallest pack is 25 USD and it will allow you to add 5 merchants to your team. You will earn 1 % from all the purchases made by any of the Brandsr community member at this merchants! So the more “popular” merchants you put the more you will benefit. If you want to add more merchants you must upgrade the packs.

Yes as follows: You must add 1 direct to open 3 levels, 2 directs and 6 levels is open, 3 directs and 9 levels is open, 4 directs and 11 levels is open, 5 levels and 13 levels is open and when you have 6 directs your 15 levels is open forever! This is 6 with min 10 USD education pack. So you bring 6 paid and your 6 levels is open forever!

Yes once you bought a 10 USD package for start your account is active for 30 days. Each time you bring in a new direct with min 10 USD your account get 30 new days. It’s not accumulated. Each time 30 days are added to your account. Or you buy a product on our platform. The easiest is to always bring new so all helps to build the Brandsr community!

Once you have earned min 4 USD you are eligible for withdrawal. So if you request payout in our system you will be paid to your bank, wallet, or mobile money account in 1 hour depending on the amount of request at that moment. But it shall take more or less one hour! Note that full name, username, bank name/mobile provider, bank account/mobile number, and name showing up at the bank account/mobile number must be included in the request of payout! If not it will be declined!

There will be training in how to build your team, how to market your own team/business, how to teach and motivate other, how to build new leaders in your team! In short how to grow your business within the Brandsr system!

Depending on the size of your packs you will be eligible to add x amount of merchants! We recommend you to start with a 25 USD package so you see if the business is for you and that you will see if you are able to get it done as you wished and wanted! We do not want anyone to feel they fail and that they spent big money!

Yes, we will have zoom meetings twice a week from the corporate, and for sure there will be ALOT of zoom meetings to join conducted by our team members! We will add time for Zoom on our website and on all our social platforms!

Yes as we grow and expand, our website, system, and presentations will be in different languages!

Yes, you can but you must see our road map on where we are opening However we will always be very interested to hear from you if you want to join us in opening a new market in with Brandsr. Contact our support on WhatsApp and they will guide to the right person in Brandsr! We are always looking for new partners/talents!

No there are no guaranteed returns by buying any of the packs in Brandsr! We only offer you an opportunity to work with us on our team and those who will see the vision in our project and follow all we teach them they will have returns and it’s up to their own efforts how much! This is a proven system that those who are serious and who are working hard with a aim to succeed they will be make a good income! We at Brandsr don’t know You, your efforts or your skills so we cannot guarantee any returns! So if you not plan to do it as a business we recommend you not to join with a paid package! Then you can benefit from the 2 % Cashback and great offers in our shop!

Try to use the Forget password option to restore your password, if you still cannot login contact support on mail or on WhatsApp and include your username and email. And they will check ASAP!

You can send receipt of payment including your username and order number. Send this to payment@brandsr.com. You can pay thru bank, mobile money, or with card. This info you will find in our Payment section in the system!